Air Traffic Management ( ATM) → ICAO 053/055 - Procedural Control

ICAO 053 Approach Procedural (ICAO 053)

Full ICAO 053 - Non- Radar (Procedural) Theory course. This course is mapped to the European ATCO Common Core Content - Initial Training specification and is instructor-led.
  • APP02 LAW Licence Priviledge and Conditions
  • APP03 LAW Reports and Airspace
  • APP04 LAW ATC Safety Management
  • APP05 ATM Provision of Service
  • APP06 ATM Communications
  • APP07 ATM ATC Clearances and ATC Instructions
  • APP08 ATM Coordination
  • APP09 ATM Altimetry and Level Allocation
  • APP10 ATM Vertical Separation
  • APP11 ATM Horizontal Separation
  • APP12 ATM Delegation of Separation
  • APP13 ATM ACAS and Safety Nets
  • APP14 ATM DATA Display
  • APP15 ATM Responsibility and Processing of Information
  • APP16 ATM Holding
  • APP17 MET Meteorology Phenomena
  • APP18 MET Meteorology Phenomena
  • APP19 MET Sources of Meteorology Information
  • APP20 NAV Navigation
  • APP21 ACFT Aircraft Instruments
  • APP22 ACFT Wake Turbulence ICAO Approach Categories
  • APP23 ACFT Factors affecting aircraft performance
  • APP24 ACFT Economic factors environmental factors
  • APP25 HUM Human Factors Medical _ Physiological Factors
  • APP26 HUM Social _ Organisational factors
  • APP27 HUM Stress
  • APP28 HUM Human Error
  • APP29 HUM Collaborative Work
  • APP30 EQPS Communications
  • APP31 EQPS ATCO Working Position
  • APP32 EQPS Future Equipment _ Degradation
  • APP33 PEN Famil and Airspace Users
  • APP34 PEN Customer relations _ Environmental
  • APP35 ABES Overview
  • APP36 ABES Skills Improvement
  • APP37 ABES Procedures for ABES
  • APP38 ABES Strayed aircraft _ Diversions
  • APP39 AGA Definitions Movement Area
  • APP40 AGA Aerodrome Data. Layout
  • APP41 AGA Movement area
  • APP42 AGA Manoeuvring Area
  • APP43 AGA Runways _ lighting
  • APP44 AGA Obstacle free airspace around aerodromes
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever