ATS Supervisor (003)

Air Traffic Control Services are provided to ensure safe and expeditious regulation and control of aircraft.

Highly trained air traffic control personnel carry out the duties of tower; tower and approach; tower, approach and radar surveillance including the role of watch manager/supervisor.

Air traffic control personnel are trained to international standards and have a significant high level of expertise.


Eurocontrol Operator's Guide to Human Factors in Aviation.
Eurocontrol Awareness of Human Aspects in ATS.
ICAO Doc 4444
ICAO Doc. 9859. (2013 edition). Safety Management Manual (SMM).
EU regulation 2015/1018. EU regulation 2015-340
┬ęBoise State University.
The course duration is five days.
This will include practical work, assessing and report writing.
The Takeoff Direct lessons are referenced code WAMS (WAtch Manager/Supervisor). WAMS 01 to 30.
  • WAMS 02-Watch Supervisor duties
  • WAMS 03-Leadership
  • WAMS 04-Leadership 2
  • WAMS 05-Leadership 3
  • WAMS 05P-Leadership 4
  • WAMS 06-Organisational Culture
  • WAMS 07-Communication
  • WAMS 08-Communication. The Two Levels In Communication.
  • WAMS 09-Communications. Body Language
  • WAMS 10-Communications. Common Barriers to Listening
  • WAMS 11-Time Management.
  • WAMS 10-Communications. Common Barriers to Listening
  • WAMS 12-Human Factors Techniques
  • WAMS 13-Human Factors Techniques. Benefits
  • WAMS 14-Human Factors Techniques. _GEMS_
  • WAMS 15-Human Factors Techniques. _HFACS_
  • WAMS 16-Career and Personal Development.
  • WAMS 17-Teamwork. Introduction
  • WAMS 18-Teamwork. Leaders For Better Teamwork
  • WAMS 19-Teamwork. What if I am not a Team
  • WAMS 20-Customer Focus.
  • WAMS 22-Effective Communication at Work _2_
  • WAMS 23-Just Culture
  • WAMS 24-Guidance to ATM Safety.
  • WAMS 25-ATM Shift Management.
  • WAMS 26T-Rostering.
  • WAMS 27-Safety and Reports.
  • WAMS 28-Motivation.
  • WAMS 29-OJTI Endorsement
  • WAMS 30P-Leadership.
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed